Monday, January 2, 2012

Despite the fact that I'm not catholic, or even religious, here's Madonna w/ child. In Color! Unlike my usual black and white. Trying not to be too rusty in painting. It's nice to put on some music, and get some practice painting. ~1.5 hours until i got bored (i have a really short attention span). I'll eventually revisit it, but i felt like i should post since its the new year and all. HAPPY 2012! Hopefully there wont be an apocalypse and i can start bloggin again.

Reinterpreted from a picture on facebook(of all places...) from Jennifer Harris(a chick i went to elementary school with, and probably havent had a conversation with in over 10 years... no creepy). I saw a picture that was very maternal and reminded me of Madonna w/ child.

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