Saturday, January 16, 2010


My old laptop couldnt handle zbrush w/ only 1 gig of ram and a horrible graphics card... anything beyond a measly 900k and my laptop would crash. This is my first 3d sculpt on my new behemoth desktop, and i was able to get up to 7.5 million quads and still sculpt like butter. I'm paranoid that my computer will implode if i add another subdiv.

I started dragging out zspheres and began sculpting with no initial concept. I was treating this as a learning exercise rather than attempting to make any sort of polished piece. No pressure, just relaxing on a friday night, listening to grooveshark(similar to pandora), and sculpting. messed around for 1 hr.

I sculpted in Mudbox this morning at work. After testing out both briefly, I think i slightly prefer mudbox over zbrush. Mudbox is more intuitive and user friendly while zbrush is crazy advanced with butt-tons of drop down menus and sliders. But i see almost everyone on Gameartisans using zbrush, so it can't be all bad, amirite? I'll just give into peer pressure and keep learning zbrush. I will, however, stick w/ mudbox when poly painting.

I also did another self portrait. It took slightly over an hr. Again, just an exercise to cool down before bed. Trying to get better at color and value.

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